Focused on Linux administration and automation, Linux certified with over 7+ years of experience in IT infrastructure operations.

I’m member of the Viva o Linux community with several articles and scripts (Bash) published, I collaborate on pull requests and issues at Github projects. Also, I created a Medium blog to write stories about Linux, DevOps tools and Infrastructure as Code to help all professionals who are starting their IT journey.

In the moment I’m working as Linux System Administrator at IBM, with experience in Linux (patching, troubleshooting, networking, systems, packaging), VMware, Ansible, Satellite, Shell Scripting, Regex and several tools to administrate the Linux servers.

In the past experiences, I got some experience with observability, I installed and configured Zabbix and Grafana to monitoring the infrastructure, designed maps and grafics at Zabbix to automate the environment, created several scripts(Bash) to automate the routine in the PROD servers, worked with network team to ensure the network environment working fine.

Also, I have some IT certifications:

• CompTIA Linux+
• LPI-1: Linux Administration
• Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate (SFPC)
• DevOps Essentials Professional Certificate (DEPC)

Recently I’ve started an article about LPIC (Linux Professional Institute) to help all teammates and IT professionals in capacity planning on Linux. You can check this article here:

I like write technical content for open source community, for example, an article about Ansible, my experience in an event (DevOps Days), a Shell Script… I believe that any and all knowledge must be shared, so that we can improve the world…

… I hope help you with my posts here at Medium! 🚀

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Senior Linux Administrator at IBM